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The next Future: Connecting the Digital Generation to Public Broadcasting.

From September 14 to 16, CBC/Radio-Canada will host public broadcasting executives from around the world for the 2016 Public Broadcasters International (PBI) Conference. Created in 1990, PBI is an annual forum that brings together executives to discuss issues of concern to public service media.

The 2016 edition of PBI will explore the theme of young audiences and their shift away from traditional media consumption. This conference will shed light on cutting-edge strategies to reach and retain Millennial and GenZ audiences.

Toshiyuki Sato

Toshiyuki Sato
Secretary-General For PBI, NHK International Inc., Japan

PBI held its first conference in 1991. We celebrate the quarter centennial in Montreal this year in its country of birth. As Secretary-General, I would like to thank CBC/Radio-Canada for its generosity and enthusiasm in hosting the 25th PBI assembly.

The media landscape has changed rapidly in the past twenty five years because of the emergence of new media. Audiences now seek the information they need, instead of just waiting for it.

Such changes are more visible among the younger generation. This has been an issue for us public broadcasters for years. Broadcasters have to add the usage of new media to our traditional radio and television services to catch up to the changing values of the younger generation. This will be the major topic for the PBI this year.

Types of public broadcasters differ from country to country but the existence of a sound public broadcasting system is a reflection of the maturity of civic society.

Hubert T. Lacroix

Hubert T. Lacroix
President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada

Digital: that’s the world we live in. The 16-34 generation knows nothing else. How can we now succeed at digital when our business models are outdated and the industry is evolving at lightning speed?

One thing is clear, though: we need to push forward. This year’s conference will be an opportunity for the global public broadcasting community to strengthen its ties, share ideas, and explore innovative solutions. I invite you to join us, and the conversation, in Montreal this September. Look forward to seeing you there!