Below are videos of PBI Montréal 2016 keynote and panel presentations. These videos are simple productions, designed to capture the essence of the conference’s content.

Official Welcome

Opening address

The View from Here: A Conversation Among Leaders

  • Michelle Guthrie, Managing Director, ABC (Australia)
  • Paula Kerger, President and CEO, PBS (United States)
  • Jean-Paul Philippot, Administrator-General, Radio télévision belge de la communauté française (Belgium) and President, European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

The Very Latest Trends and Disruptions

Vice, YouTube and Wattpad Studios: How Private-Sector Players are Engaging Young Audiences

  • Ashleigh Gardner, Head of Partnerships, Wattpad Studios
  • Ling Lin, Strategic Partner Manager, Content Partnerships, North America, YouTube
  • Nina Sudra, General Manager, Vice Canada
  • Host: Heaton Dyer, Executive Director, Strategy, CBC (Canada)

Discoverability: Getting on the Radar of Youth Audiences

  • Sophie Berque, Manager Webcreation & Transmedia, RTBF Interactive, RTBF (Belgium)
  • Julia Blomberg, Program Manager P3 & P3 Din Gata, Sveriges Radio Malmö (Sweden)
  • Gilles Marchand General Director (CEO), RTS - Swiss Radio & Television (Switzerland)
  • Chris Scaddan Head of Music, ABC Radio (Australia)
  • Eric Scherer, Director of Future Media, France Télévisions (France)
  • Host: Emmanuelle Latraverse, Radio-Canada’s Parliamentary Bureau Chief, Ottawa, CBC/Radio-Canada (Canada)

Opening of the Second Day of the Conference

Engaging Youth Audiences Through News and Current Affairs

The Transfer of BBC Three Online

The Next Level: New Strategies in Entertainment Programming

Robocon: Snapshot of a One-of-a-Kind Public Service Media Project

  • Hideki Tazuke, Controller, Production / Program Production Department, NHK (Japan)

Google: Future of Journalism

Public Media Alliance (PMA) Session - Bringing the Public into Public Service Media: The risks and benefits of public contribution and participation

  • Will Doran, Senior Developer, Ushahidi (Kenya)
  • Leh-Chyun Lin, Vice President - PTS (Taiwan)
  • Nedra Weerasinghe, Group Director, Electronic Media, Capital Maharaja Organisation (Sri Lanka)
  • Host: Sally-Ann Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Public Media Alliance (PMA), (United Kingdom)

Closing Remarks and Handing Over to Host of PBI 2017